Web Download of SatRef GNSS Raw Data (RINEX Format)

Step 1. Select the required stations

Hong Kong SatRef Station

Kau Sai Chau

Kam Tin

Lamma Island

Lam Tei

Mui Wo

Ngong Ping

Obelisk Hill

Peng Chau

Stonecutters Island

Siu Lang Shui

Shap Sze Heung

Sha Tin

Sha Tau Kok

Wong Shek

Chek Lap Kok

Quarry Bay

Trig 430


Kau Yi Chau
Tate's Cairn

Macao MoSRef Station

Coloane Alto

Taipa Grande

Monte Fortress

*Note: 1.  Satellite Reference Station summary has been replaced by Satellite Reference Station Coordinates List since 1 Apr, 2016.
2.  Data of TCHK is not available

Step 2. Select Data Format

    File Length        Interval    Data Format
   RINEX 2.11       RINEX 3.02   
1 Hour 1 Second Not Select Not Select
5 Seconds Not Select Not Select
    24 Hours    5 Seconds Not Select Not Available
    30 Seconds    Not Select Not Select

Step 3. Select Time Period   ( UTC = HKT - 8 )

Start :
End :

You can download maximum 50MB RINEX data zip file in each downloading.   One full day file size is about 16MB per station (5 seconds data interval).

Step 4. Confirm Download

Use of Macao RINEX Data

The Macao RINEX data files downloaded from this website are provided by the Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau (DSCC) of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government. The XYZ coordinates stated in the header section of the Macao RINEX observation files are in Macao Geodetic Datum (ITRF 2005 Reference Frame). Please be reminded to download station summary of the Macao stations: "Coloane Alto GNSS Reference Station (COAL)", "Taipa Grande GNSS Reference Station (DSMG)" and "Monte Fortress GNSS Reference Station (FOMO)" to obtain the geodetic coordinates in terms of Hong Kong Geodetic Datum (ITRF 96 Reference Frame) for precise data processing.

Copyright Notice

The RINEX Data obtained from this website may be freely downloaded and used for user’s personal, non-commercial internal use only. The prior written consent of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and/or the Macao Special Administrative Region Government are required if users want to use the data other than that permitted above, such as distribution to third party. Request for consent should be sent to Geodetic Survey Section, Survey and Mapping Office of Lands Department and/or Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau (DSCC).