FTPS/HTTPS Download of SatRef GNSS Raw Data (RINEX Format)

Hong Kong Satellite Positioning Reference Station Network (SatRef) consists of 19 Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). The data is disseminated to users for high accuracy positioning works via the Receiver Independent Exchange (RINEX) format. In addition to SatRef stations, there is another CORS managed by Marine Department at Kau Yi Chau, KYC1 is also disseminated at SatRef website.

Hong Kong Satellite Positioning Reference Station Network

SatRef RINEX Data File (Hanataka-compressed *.gz Format)

Data Type Data Length Epoch Interval RINEX 2 Format RINEX 3 Format
Observation 1 hour 1 second        ✓        ✓
Observation 1 hour 5 seconds        ✓        ✓
Observation 1 day 5 seconds        ✓
Observation 1 day 30 seconds        ✓        ✓
Navigation 1 day        ✓        ✓
Meteorological Data 1 day 1 minute        ✓        ✓
Auxiliary Tilt Sensor 1 day 1 minute        ✓

SatRef RINEX Data Availability Report

Please click here to open SatRef RINEX Data Availability Report (Hanataka-compressed *.gz Format).

SatRef File Storage Structure

Please click here to read the data dictionary for more information.

Hanataka-compressed RINEX Format

The RINEX files stored in SatRef server are compressed by RNXCMP software. RNXCMP is the software for compression/restoration of RINEX observation files developed by Yuki Hatanaka of Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI). It converts the format of GNSS observation files from the RINEX format (version 2.xx or 3.xx) to a compressed format (the CompactRINEX format, or often called the Hatanaka-compressed format) and vice versa. Please visit GSI website http://terras.gsi.go.jp/ja/crx2rnx.html for details.

A simple VBScript program Extract.vbs is developed by Lands Department to restore SatRef's Hatanaka-compressed RINEX files. Click here to open 'Extract.txt' for details.

Connection Setting

Hostname: rinex.geodetic.gov.hk
Protocol: ftps (port 990)   or   https (port 443)
ftp (port 21) - already suspended
Anonymous Login: No username and password