Network Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Service

    This service provides data stream for correcting some of the error sources of GNSS positioning. Centimeter level accuracy could be achieved subject to the user equipment and site condition. Users can obtain the correctional data stream via the internet. It can be applied in topographic mapping, monitoring of structural movement (e.g. building, bridge), machine guidance, etc.

Differential GNSS (DGNSS) Positioning Service

    The SatRef system produces the DGNSS correctional data stream to users by means of the SatRef NTRIP server. Users can obtain the DGNSS correctional data stream via the internet. The real-time positional accuracy of DGNSS is about 1-2m. It can be applied in navigation (land and sea), fleet management, location based services, mobile GIS systems, etc.


Connection Settings

    Port: 2101
    Login: Your Username and Password

Mountpoint Information

    Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) Standard is used in this service.

    Note: Mountpoint VRS_1024, FKP31 and FKP have been terminated since 3 Jan 2023.

    Mountpoint VRS32G VRS_1023 VRS FKP23 DGPS
    Type Network RTK DGNSS
    RTCM format v3.2 v3.1 v3.1 v2.3 v2.2
    Network Type VRS FKP N/A
    Satellite System GPS
    Reference Frame ITRF96
    Epoch 1998:121 (1 May 1998)
    Remarks with Geoid Correction - - Use HKSC or HKPC as reference
    Message Name RTCM 3 Message Type Included
    1004 Extended L1&L2 GPS RTK Observables  
    1006 Stationary RTK Reference Station ARP with Antenna Height
    1008 Antenna Descriptor & Serial Number
    1012 Extended L1&L2 GLONASS RTK Observables  
    1013 System Parameters    
    1019 GPS Ephemerides
    1020 GLONASS Ephemerides
      1021*1 Helmert Transformation Parameters
    1023 Residuals, Ellipsoidal Grid Representation
    1025 Projection Parameters
    1030 GPS Network RTK Residual Message  
    1031 GLONASS Network RTK Residual Message  
    1032 Physical Reference Station Position Message
    1033 Receiver and Antenna Descriptors
    1075 GPS MSM5
    1085 GLONASS MSM5
    1095 Galileo MSM5
    1125 BeiDou MSM5
    1230 GLONASS L1 and L2 Code-Phase Biases
    Message Name RTCM 2 Message Type Included
    1 Differential GPS Corrections
    3 Reference Station Coordinates
    14 GPS Time
    16 Special Message (ASCII text)
    20 RTK Carrier Phase Corrections
    21 RTK Pseudorange Corrections
    22 Extended Reference Station Parameters
    23 Antenna Description
    24 Coordinates of Antenna Reference Point (ARP)
    31 Differential GLONASS Corrections

    *1 In order to fulfill the requirement of RTCM Standard, the 7-P datum transformation parameters transmitted in Message Type 1021 are slightly different from the published 7P_ITRF96_HK80_V1.0 data sheet.
    (Rotation parameters: round to the nearest 0.00002"; Scale: round to the nearest 0.00001ppm)


    1. For more details, please refer to NTRIP source table.

    2. Please check the technical specifications of your receivers for selection of the most appropriate type of service and compatible RTCM format. For GNSS receiver settings, please refer to this link or contact with vendor.


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