Geodetic Survey Stations

Horizontal Control Network

Triangulation stations first appeared on the map of Hong Kong in 1845. As at May 2019, there were 232 Trigonometrical Stations and 3,498 Traverse Stations established in Hong Kong.

Trilateration Main Network  Minor Triangulation Network  Traverse Stations
Trig. Stations
Traverse stations
2000 GPS survey stations

With development of GNSS technology, the Geodetic Survey Section established the Hong Kong 2000 GPS Control Network with 46 control stations, and a further 18 Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in the Satellite Positioning Reference Station Network (SatRef).

GPS Control Network SatRef
2000 GPS survey stations

Vertical Control Network

There were 1,829 benchmarks as at May 2019 that formed the primary levelling network in Hong Kong. The height values of the benchmarks over the Hong Kong Principal Datum (HKPD) were precisely surveyed. They are used as the reference for determining heights for various activites in Hong Kong.

Bench Mark
Bench Mark

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